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Invoice and Payment Questions


I’ve been charged Sales Tax, should a tax exempt form be sent to the Supplier?

If you are charged sales tax on an invoice, please keep in mind that AP will not pay the tax portion of the invoice. In order to ensure the vendor does not continue to charge sales tax, a tax exempt form needs to be sent to them. Please request a tax exempt form by emailing the AP mailbox, and specifying the full supplier name and the supplier’s email address if you have it available.  Please note, AP can only provide a tax exempt for suppliers that are currently in our system, which means vendors we have previously paid.

Tax exempt forms should not be necessary for suppliers for which we have contracts and purchase orders, since POs contain our tax exempt information.  So you can reduce the need for requesting tax exempt forms if you order via Workday requisitioning.


How do I get a tax exempt form to a supplier I would like to do business with? I want to be sure I don’t get charged sales tax?

If this is a supplier that Accounts Payable has paid before (supplier is in Workday), you can request a tax exempt form from Accounts Payable. Please request a tax exempt form by emailing the AP mailbox, and specifying the full supplier name. If this is a new supplier that AP has not paid before, you can let the vendor bill us with the tax amount included. When the invoice gets to Accounts Payable, we will omit the tax portion from the total. Since this supplier will now be added to our system, you could then request the tax exempts form from Accounts Payable. Please see “I’ve been charged sales tax” in the FAQ section, for more instructions on how to request a tax exempt form from Accounts Payable.

If you need a tax exempt form for a state other than NY, contact:  taxdept <>

Tax exempt forms needed for purchases being paid for via Pcard should be requested from Nathan Hodge, Pcard Administrator.


What do I do if I believe Accounts Payable made an error entering an invoice, or if an invoice posting needs to be moved?

If an invoice was incorrectly charged, and the error was made by AP while processing the invoice, then the error needs to be fixed by Accounts Payable. In order to send a request to Accounts Payable, please send an email specifying the FAO and SC that should have been charged, the invoice this relates to, and a copy of the ledger where the charge is. If the error was not made by AP, then the department will need to be the one to submit the journal entry to their divisional finance office to move the charges. Similarly, if an invoice posting needs to be moved from one FAO to another, the move can be done via journal entry by AP only if AP made an error, causing the wrong FAO to be charged.

Scenarios where the error was made in AP include, but are not limited to: invoice was charged to a different FAO/SC than what’s on the invoice, the BO rules were not followed, departmental instructions on the invoice regarding where to charge the invoice were not followed, etc. An example of this is shown below:

The invoice was coded with this FAO and SC:

But it was charged to this FAO and SC by AP when entering the invoice:

In order to send a request to Accounts Payable, please send an email, specifying the FAO that should have been charged, the invoice this relates to, and a copy of the ledger where the charge is. A sample email is shown below:

If the error was not made by AP, then the department will need to be the one to submit the journal entry to move the charges. Scenarios where the error was not done by AP include, but are not limited to: invoice was paid per PO by AP, but department intended to charge a different FAO/SC, which was not communicated to AP by writing this information on the invoice, or by submitting a requisition or change order to change the accounting codes on the Purchase Order.


Where do I direct questions regarding employee and student business expense reimbursements?

(This answer applies until the Workday Expenses functionality is implemented in FY2020All employee reimbursement questions should be sent to Accounts Payable and are handled by Erin Johnson. or 275-3483 option 2.

Student reimbursement All student reimbursement questions should be sent to Accounts Payable and handled by Erin Johnson. or 275-3483 option 2.

Where do I direct questions regarding student account refunds?

Any questions regarding student account refunds need to be referred to the Bursar’s office.

Phone #: (585) 275-3931

Bursar Help Line:


Where do I direct questions regarding patient and insurance funds?

Any questions regarding Patient and Insurance Refunds need to be referred to Patient Financial Services.

Phone #: (585) 758-7650 or 1(888) 925-4301 for callers outside of Rochester, NY


I’ve purchased something and I have an invoice. How do I get the invoice paid?

There are 3 ways to pay for something you have purchased:

If the purchase is under $2500, you could use your P-Card. Please note that you should refer to the link below for further information on how to purchase using a P-Card:

You could also pay for something by obtaining a Purchase Order, noting it on the invoice, and sending it to Accounts Payable, BOX 278958 to be processed for payment.

A third option is to request payment by submitting a Supplier Invoice Request. You would do so by using the Create Supplier Invoice Request task in Workday.

Please note, guidelines about what can be paid via P-Card, Purchase order and Supplier Invoice Request are also in place.


I sent an invoice to Accounts Payable, how can I determine when it will be paid?

Workday can be utilized to determine where in the process an invoice is. You can do so by using the Find Supplier Invoices task. You can populate whatever field possible, and click “OK” to obtain search results. After you have found the invoice you are looking for status on, click on it to bring up the details, then click on Process History to see who the invoice is awaiting approval from.


How long does it generally take for invoices to be paid?

After the invoice is in Approved Status, it will pay out 1 day before the due date. The due date is calculated based on the invoice date and the payment terms, which can be seen if you search for the invoice in Workday. Please note that if the invoice is not in Approved Status, you will need to see what approval step is holding up the process by reviewing Process History.


What do I do if a supplier needs to be paid in foreign currency?

If the payment is being made via a SIR, you would note the EFT Payment type in the questionnaire responses, which will prompt an EFT Questionnaire.

If the payment is being made via a Purchase Order (PUR), you will be prompted to fill out the EFT Questionnaire as you are creating the requisition within Workday.


Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Questions


What supporting documentation is required for a Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) or an F-4 form?

Along with the Supplier Invoice Request (SIR), any and all backup is necessary to include as support. Include the same support you would as if you were completing the paper F4 form.  For suppliers, a copy of the invoice you intend to pay should be included. If you only have a quote, you need to request a copy of the actual invoice from the vendor, before attaching to your SIR. If you only have a statement, you should request a copy of the invoice from the vendor, before attaching to your SIR. For study participants, if there is any backup, please attach it to your request. For any other payments that are not related to supplier invoices, any documentation that can be provided should be included as support for why you are asking Accounts Payable to make said payment.  


Can I pay multiple invoices on a Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) or an F-4 form, or do I need to do one for each invoice?

Each invoice that you want to pay needs to be submitted on a separate Supplier Invoice Request.


If I don’t recognize a transaction on my ledger and I would like to see back up documentation, can I get a copy of the Supplier Invoice transaction?

If the invoice has a URL in the Document Link section, you should be able to click on that link, log in, and obtain a PDF copy of the backup related to the charge.
In some cases, there could also be an attachment, which would be found by clicking on the Attachment tab.

For EDI810 invoices, a variation of the original invoice is provided, and can be accessed by clicking on the Document Link (see above). If this is not sufficient, the vendor can be contacted for a copy of the invoice.

For SOLO Suppliers, the vendor can be contacted by using the Electronic Invoice Listing below. Please note, if the supplier is a SOLO Supplier, AP does not have invoice copies either. If you send the email to the AP mailbox, all we can do is send your email to the supplier by using the listing below, and copying you on the email. To avoid delays, it’s best to email the supplier directly

For P-Card charges, the department and/or the cardholder need to be contacted. The link above also provides this information.

For Fedex charges, the 1-800 number listed on the Electronic Invoice Listing should be used to obtain back-up. Fedex does not have an email contact for invoice copies, therefore it’s best to contact Fedex directly, instead of emailing AP with your request, in order to avoid delays


Is there a digit limit on a Supplier Invoice number?

The limit is 31 characters, but note that what is put in that field is what will print on the check for the supplier to be able to apply the payment to the correct invoice


Can the questionnaire for a SIR be put in template form so I don’t have to fill out the whole thing every time?

At this time, it is not possible to save the answers to a SIR to use in the future.  You can see your answers from prior SIRs by typing a SIR number in the global search bar and clicking the blue SIR number.  Scroll down to see your questionnaire responses.


Can I create a SIR with FAO’s in multi-companies?

No, this functionality is currently not available for SIR’s. You should submit an F4 Form to Accounts Payable if you have to charge FAO’s in multiple companies.


What do I do if the supplier I want to use for my SIR is inactive?

You can submit a request to the P2P Service Center requesting the supplier be activated and will need to provide proof of their name and address (i.e. W9, email from the supplier, Invoice)


General Workday Questions


What do I do if I don’t know what spend category to use on a SIR or Requisition?

In Workday you can run the Find Spend Categories report.  Simply type that name in the global search bar and hit enter.  Click on the blue name of the report and then click OK.  You do not need to fill anything in prior to clicking ok.  Once the report runs you can click on the gray header of any column and type a search term in the Value box.  Then press filter to search for spend categories using the term you chose.  You can also filter on Procurement Usage or Supplier Invoice Usage, depending on whether you are going to create a Requisition or a Supplier Invoice Request. If you know you will be creating a requisition you can also run the Procurement Spend Category Audit report and filter search terms in the same way as outlined above.


What do I do if a supplier is not available?

In order to create a SIR a supplier is required.  You should search for your supplier in the global search bar using the supplier: prefix.  Search on a simplified version of the supplier name.  Otis vs. Otis Elevator Company.  If Company is in the system as only Co you will not find the supplier by searching on the whole name.  If your supplier is not there you will need to initiate the Create Supplier Request task.  Fill in the supplier name with NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS.  Include their address and phone number if you have that.  Attach documentation to verify their address.  An email from the supplier or a copy of an invoice is acceptable.  You will still need to attach the invoice to your SIR.


What should I do if I try to create a supplier request for an individual and there is an existing record with the same name; however, they are a different person and have a different address?

It is recommend to use a middle initial or put the street or box number after the name.  ie: Alex Jones 235


How many attachments are allowed on requisitions and SIRs?

There is a data limit to the size of attachments, but the number is very large and you are unlikely to hit the limit.  Please attach different documents as individual attachments instead of including everything in one scan.  This will allow for the ability to select specific documents (i.e. quote) to be sent to the supplier with the purchase order.


Is there a limit to the number of attachments that can be uploaded to SIRs and Requisitions?

There is no limit


How do I attach a document to a SIR or Requisition?

The system will prompt you to attach documents by showing you the following options:

Save files to be uploaded to a file on your computer where you will be able to easily locate them when creating your documents in Workday.


How long will data be stored in Workday?

Data in Workday cannot be deleted


How will approvers be notified that they have a transaction to approve?

The default settings in Workday are set to send an email notification for approvals.  However, push notifications can be sent to your phone by clicking on the Cloud icon, click on My Account, then click on Change Preferences.


If I have to send a transaction back to someone, can I add a note?

Yes, that is a mandatory field.


Can freight and tax be split between accounts?

Yes, they would be the same as the line split


Can you approve a requisition from the email notification that Workday sends?

No.  You can click through to the Workday Login screen and you will be taken to a prompt to review the task.


When do error notifications disappear?

When an end user corrects the error and resubmits the transaction.


Can we split charges between two or more companies?

Not at this time


Can approvers use their mobile device to approve transactions?

Yes, as long as they have downloaded the Workday App.


I’ve been through training. When will I get my Login ID and access to Workday?

You will be granted rights on your go live date. Your NetID will be required to access Workday


I have an existing role in Workday. Will I get a different role in Procure to Pay?

Yes.  Following training and after go-live you will see the Procurement Dashboard Icon on your homepage.  This indicates you have been activated and you now have P2P roles.


Can people have multiple roles in Workday?

Yes, someone could have multiple roles. As an example, someone could be a Requisitioner and a Supplier Invoice Requestor.


Will my P2P Login be the same as my UR Financials Login?

Yes, it will be your NetID


My department has multiple FAOs. Can I start a requisition or SIR and leave the FAO field blank for someone else to fill in?

No, the Requisitioner or Supplier Invoice Requestor are required to complete all information including FAO and Spend Category before they can submit the request.


Can multiple people be initiators for an FAO?



Do I have to participate in P2P? I am comfortable with the current process and do not wish to learn a new system.

Yes, everyone is required to participate in P2P; however, we will work with you on the timing of your go-live.


Will I still use 312 requisitions for internal purchases such as the UR Tech Store and Dining Services?

You will continue to use 312 requisitions for internal purchases Internal purchases are currently out of scope.


If I need to return something to a Marketplace supplier, how do I go about doing that?

You need to reach out to the individual suppliers to coordinate returning your items. Contact the P2P Service Center regarding how to process a return in the system.


Can I be set up to order from different FAOs?

Yes, most initiators will be setup at the Cost Center level so if new FAO’s are added, you will not need to request additional security.


Can our cost center require approval even if our company doesn’t require approvals under $500?

Departments can choose to implement manual processes outside of P2P if they want to manage approvals different within their department or cost center; however, approvals are set at the company level in P2P and cannot be customized for each department.


A lot of suppliers we use are not in the Marketplace (Jaggaer) so we have to do non-catalog, can any of them become part of the Marketplace (Jaggaer)?

Yes, if you routinely use a supplier and would like them enabled let them know. Send your requests to


What do I need to do if someone leaves my department?

It is best to initiate changes in Workday prior to the employee leaving permanently. Anyone with initiator or approver roles in Workday will have to submit a security form to remove those roles from their Workday profile.  In addition the person who is assuming those roles will also need to submit a security form to add them. To see the roles to remove the user should type View My Role Assignments in the global search bar in Workday. They will see a list of all their roles and they should transfer all of them to their security form.  It is recommended a copy of the form be retained so those same roles can be assigned to the replacement. After roles have been taken care of there are additional steps that need to be taken if the employee leaving has been an initiator. The department will need to transfer all of their tasks in Workday to the new user so match exceptions and other notifications can go to the correct individual to resolve them. The P2P Service Center can initiate the transfer, but they need information in order to do this. Refer to P2P Self Help General Documents Section”What to Do when Someone Leaves your Department”


Workday Requisition Questions


Can I approve a Requisitions from the email notification Workday sends?

No.  You can click through to the Workday Login screen and you will be taken to a prompt to review the task.


If I create a Requisition on behalf of someone else, will that person be notified that I have done so?

Yes.  If you create a requisition, they will receive an email notification telling them you have done so.  They will also have full access to the requisition and will be required to resolve any Match Exceptions stemming from it.


If my quote has 40 lines will I have to type all of it?

The Design Team has an electronic integration builder template that could be used to load multiple lines onto a requisition.  Contact the P2P Service Center for more details regarding this.


How do I search for suppliers when creating a requisition?

With very common supplier names (those beginning with Rochester for example) the search often times out before finding the supplier. To avoid this, it is a good idea to type suppler: before the supplier name when adding the supplier.  Otherwise just type part of the supplier name in the supplier field and hit enter.  If you have looked the supplier up beforehand and you have noted the Supplier ID you can type that into the Supplier field as well.


I used to be able to attach a quote to a 312 and say ‘see attached.’ Will I still be able to do this in Workday or will I have to type out everything on the quote?

In order to have better data to negotiate better pricing for the University, best practice is to reference each item on the quote as a separate line item.


How do I send items from one Requisition to different ship-to locations?

You can specify the ship to address for each line on the requisition


What do I do if the supplier I would like to use is not available?

The supplier field is not required and can be left blank.  You can contact the P2P Service Center at 275-2012 and they can put you in contact with the appropriate Category Manager to assist with sourcing the good or service you need to order.


Do all Requisitions require approval? SOLO orders aren’t all approved currently.

Under $500, most company requisitions do not require approval. Only ESM, MAG, SON and Warner School require approval of all Requisitions.


How do I create a blanket order in Workday?

There are several options including the use of non-catalog goods lines or service lines.  If your supplier is in the Marketplace, you can create a catalog requisition and order as needed from that supplier.  If you need further assistance and information, you can contact the P2P Service Center at 275-2012

What do I do if the item I need from a Marketplace supplier is not in their catalogue?

You can create a non-catalog requisition to that supplier.


Currently I log into the Staples website when I need to place an order. Will I still have to do that with P2P?

You need to initiate a requisition in Workday and punchout to the Staples website instead of going directly to their website


How do I know whether I should create a Non-Catalog Requisition or a Marketplace Requisition?

It is recommended to check the Marketplace to see if the supplier you need to order from is there. If the supplier is not there, you should create a non-catalog requisition.


Can a requisition be created with a service line and a goods line?

Yes.  Requisitions can have any combination of goods lines and service lines.


What attachments are required for Requisitions?

Attachments are required for all services orders or goods over $2,500.
A completed Supplier Price Justification and Conflict Information form (SPJCI) is required for all requisitions over $25,000.

Will approvals be needed for all transactions in the Marketplace?

Most departments will not need approvals on transactions under $500.  There are a few Companies that have opted out of this and require approvals on all transaction.  Grant purchases do not need approvals under $1500.

Workday Purchase Order Questions

A supplier is asking for clarification on a Purchase Order they received? Who provides this information?

If a supplier needs clarification on a PO/order they received, they need to be referred to the requisitioner of that PO/order. You can determine the requisitioner by searching the PUR # in Workday, and looking to see who initiated the request.  The PO is needed in order to determine who placed the order. To do so, please obtain the PUR # from the supplier, and enter it in the search field in Workday, then click “Procurement” or “All of Workday” under the Categories section.  Click on the PUR result, and look at the contact information section for the appropriate contact for this Purchase Order.


I created a Purchase Order for the wrong supplier, can I change the supplier?

No, you will need to cancel the purchase order and create a new requisition to the correct supplier.


I need to cancel a Purchase Order. What do I need to do?

The Procure to Pay Service Center is responsible for cancelling purchase orders. Submit a request through Service Desk including the Purchase Order Number, Requisition Number and Supplier. Once the purchase order is canceled, you will receive notification the request has been completed through your Service Desk Ticket.


If freight is not on the quote, but is on the invoice what will I need to do?

You can do a change order to add freight if it appears on an invoice.  Purchasing will receive a match exception notice for freight charges over $25 and they can also approve the freight charges.  If you expect the supplier will charge you freight, it’s best to enter a freight amount, even if it is an estimated amount so that it does not route to Purchasing as a match exception


Can I change a supplier on a Purchase Order once it has been created?

No.  Once a Purchase Order is created there is no way to change the supplier.  You will need to contact the P2P Service Center to cancel the original PO and you can copy the requisition from the old PO to create a new requisition.  Make sure you change the supplier if you have copied the prior requisition. To avoid having to cancel a Purchase Order and create a new one, ensure you confirm the full payee name and remittance for the supplier you create a requisition for before submitting it for approval