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Week of 7/20/2020

  • The Marketplace upgrade was completed successfully.  There should be no impact to end users.  If anyone has questions or need assistance, please contact the P2P Service Center.


  • New videos were posted to the P2P Self Help Requisition Section:
    • Creating a Marketplace Requisition
    • Creating a Non-Catalog Requisition
    • Creating a Receipt
    • Creating a Multi-Company Non-Catalog Requisition
    • Ordering the Same Marketplace Items and Charging Some to Different Companies
    • Create Change Orders – Added to P2P Self Help Purchase Order Section


  • P2P Newsletter was distributed and posted on the website.

Week of 7/13/2020

  • The Marketplace will be upgraded on 7/19.  There will be no impact to end users.  Notifications will be sent out during the week regarding the system down time.

Week of 6/29/2020


  • A Blanket Purchase Order page has been added to the UR Procurement Website and contains blanket purchase order guidelines, solutions and quick reference guides.


Week of 6/22/2020


  • B&H Photo catalog is now available in the Audio Visual Showcase in the Marketplace.  Items that should be purchased from UR Tech Store will not be available in the catalog.


Week of 6/8/2020


  • MedChem Express catalog is now available in the Scientific Research Supplies showcase in the Marketplace.  MedChem Express is providing a 20% discount to the University on catalog items.


Week of 6/1/2020


  • P2P Requisitions with a foreign ship to address are unable to be transmitted to the supplier without manual intervention which could delay the receipt of the order by the supplier.  We are currently investigating this issue with Jaggaer.  In the interim as we investigate a resolution, you can consult the P2P Service Center for ordering alternatives to avoid delays with the order transmission.  Updates will be provided as we receive them.


Week of 5/11/2020


  • A Workday User Role Guide v4 has been developed for P2P and Financials users with the intent of helping users understand various available role assignments.  The guide should help you when reviewing your own role assignments as well as for determining what roles may be appropriate to assign users that may not have the desired access.  The guide is posted to both the UR Procurement Security Form webpage as well as the UR Financials Security Form webpage.  As a reminder, you can review your role assignments by running the report: .


Week of 5/4/2020


  • Setting Delegations:  If you are an approver and will be out of the office, please remember to set up a delegation for your approvals. Instructions can be found in the P2P Self Help Section.  You are able to setup multiple delegations based on date ranges.  Please review the documentation on how to set delegations or contact the P2P Service Center for assistance.


Week of 4/6/2020


  • UR Marketplace (Jaggaer) was successfully upgraded on April 5th.  There is a new Guided Tour Feature as a result of the upgrade.


  • Perkin Elmer Health Science Catalog is scheduled to be live in the Marketplace on April 9.


Week of 3/30/2020


  • Due to file restrictions when transmitting orders to suppliers,.MSG file types should not be marked External when creating requisitions as this file type cannot be transmitted to suppliers.


  • UR Marketplace (Jaggaer) is being upgraded on April 5th. The UR Procurement Marketplace will be unavailable for placing catalog requisitions on Friday, April 3rd from 9:00pm until Monday, April 6th at 8:00am.  This release will have minimal end user impact.


Week of 3/16/2020

Covid 19 Expense Tracking

  • When creating requisitions or supplier invoice requests for purchases and expenses associated with coronavirus, P2P Initiators can assist in the tracking of financial transactions associated with coronavirus expenses or disruptions by adding the Initiative > COVID 19 worktag wherever you add your FAO.  Please click the link Tips & Tricks – COVID 19 Worktag for instructions


  • Staff in approval roles in the P2P system are strongly encouraged to download the Workday Mobile App on their phone.  This will enable the ability to approve transactions (requisitions and SIR’s) on your phone and avoid delays in processing urgent transactions.  Please click the link HERE for instructions


  • P2P Hands on Workshops will be limited to 5 attendees per session due to recent event/meeting participation guidelines


  • P2P Instructor Led Classes will be limited to 20 in person attendees and will also be offered via Zoom


Week of 3/9/2020

  • This past weekend, the UR Financials & UR Procurement (P2P) system successfully underwent a scheduled upgrade.  Changes made will impact Requisition Creation and Checkout.  To learn more about the changes, please review the following video


  • The Procurement Dashboard has been replaced with a UR Procurement Dashboard that now has 3 tabs of information. My Requisitions, My Supplier Requests and My Supplier Invoice Requests reside on the “Requests” tab. The “Orders” tab contains new information for open non-catalog and marketplace orders including expiration and PO available fund information. The third tab of the dashboard contains the Invoice Match Exception Worklet.


  • The University of Rochester has chosen Johnston as the preferred supplier for janitorial supplies and envi-ronmental service products, effective March 1. The Hill & Markes’ punch-out catalog has been deactivated, and all orders for janitorial supplies should be made using Johnston’s punch-out catalog. Johnston has committed to providing us with all of the same products that we previously purchased from Hill & Markes. Questions about this conversion can be directed to Cameron Bojko at or 275-2021.


  • Staff in approval roles in the P2P system are strongly encouraged to download the Workday Mobile App on their phone.  This will enable the ability to approve transactions (requisitions and SIR’s) on your phone and avoid delays in processing urgent transactions.  Please click the link HERE for instructions


Week of 3/2/2020

  • There are two Overview Sessions scheduled this week (3/3 and 3/5) to review the upcoming changes with the Workday Upgrade.  Here is a link if you would like to register for a session.  There is also a video of the changes posted to the Newsletter Section on the UR Procurement Website.


  • UR Procurement (P2P) is being upgraded on Saturday, March 7, 2020.  The system will be unavailable 3/7 – 3/8.  Updates on the upgrade will be communicated to the UR Procurement Listserv.


Week of 2/24/2020

  • A newsletter will be published this week with information regarding upcoming overview sessions on requisition changes that you will see as part of the Workday upgrade that is scheduled for March 7, 2020.


  • We are continuing to receive a number of 312 requisitions.  As a reminder, now that everyone is live on the system, you should no longer be submitting 312 requisitions to Purchasing unless they are for patient care items.


Week of 2/17/2020


  • The Frequently Asked Questions Section was updated and questions have been grouped by topic to assist with finding answers to your questions.


  • Best practice for non-catalog requisitions is to create one requisition per supplier rather than combine multiple supplier items on a single non-catalog requisition.


Week of 2/10/2020

  • Notifications to requisitioners have been enabled to provide an email confirmation when a PO has been sent to the supplier.


  • The initial notification received when submitting a requisition questionnaire has been removed.  Staff should only receive a follow up reminder issued if the questionnaire has not been completed.


  • The Delivery Date Field in requisition checkout is no longer required for catalog and non-catalog orders.  If you desire to add a delivery date, you can add it during the requisition checkout process.


Week of 2/3/2020

  • Paper and Toner should be ordered from WB Mason in the UR Marketplace.  Toner and Paper is no longer available in the Staples Catalog– Contact Dave Lang (276-1462) with questions


  • The P2P Service Center has received feedback regarding confusion with the email reminder to complete the requisition questionnaire. The team is working to have the initial reminder removed and only a follow up reminder issued if the questionnaire has not been completed.