Step 1

The steps below show how to display the Zoom meeting link as the location in the calendar invite, but hidden from the event listing page.

  1. Log in to and create a new event
  2. Select 'Use an existing event template' and choose the template titled '*Zoom Event'
  3. Setup your event as normal, but in the 'Location Name' field, enter your Zoom webinar link

Step 2

The following provides steps to generate the code needed for calendar invites. The code hides the Zoom information on the event listing page, but will still be visible to the user via the calendar invite.

  1. Ask the Special Events team for the attendee invitation
  2. Copy the invitation, and head back to this tool
  3. From the 'Select your conversion method menu', select 'Zoom' as your conversion method
  4. Paste the invitation in the box below this menu
  5. Click 'Generate' and the code will be created in the code box with the blue bar to the left
  6. Click on the 'Copy to Clipboard' button
  7. In your event, under 'Event Description' select the button.
  8. Highlight 'Place Code Here' and paste the generated code into the box. *Do not delete any existing code, simply replace the text saying 'Place Code Here'*
  9. Click, 'Next' and you're all set!

Select your conversion method

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If you have any questions, please contact the Internet and Digital Technology team.