Advancement Awards

Simon School of Business

We are proud to present you with these exceptional award winners.

Dean’s Medal

Established in 2008, the Dean’s Medal recognizes extraordinary service, philanthropy, and leadership to the School, and dedication and commitment that inspire others to take leadership roles at the University. Individuals, families, associations, corporations, or foundations may be recognized. It is among the highest honors given by the School.

2020: Jay S. Benet ’76S (MBA)

2015: Edward J. Ackley ’53, ’64S (MS)

2014: Ronald H. Fielding ’73 (MA), ’76S (MBA)

2012: Mark S. Ain ’67S (MBA)

2010: J. Peter Simon ’08S (Hnr)

2009: Ralph R. Whitney Jr. ’57, ’73S (MBA)

2008: Janice M. Willett ’78S (MBA) and Joseph T. Willett ’75S (MBA)

John N. Wilder1 Award

Established in 2008, the John N. Wilder Award honors an individual, family, association, corporation, or foundation whose philanthropy inspires others in support of an “Ever Better” University of Rochester. The award is named for John Wilder, first president (chairman) of the University’s Board of Trustees.

2020: Barnett R. Parker ’72S (MS), ’76S (PhD)

2019: David M. Khani ’93S (MBA)

2014: James N. Doyle, Jr.

2013: Daniel G. Lazarek ’91S (MBA)

2012: Alan S. Zekelman ’87S (MS)

2011: John W. Anderson ’80S (MBA)

2010: Evans Y. Lam ’83, ’84S (MBA)

2008: Michael S. Rosen ’82, ’83S (MBA)

Alumni Service Award

Established in 2008, the Alumni Service Award recognizes outstanding and extraordinary service, leadership, loyalty, and commitment to the School. Recipients are leaders whose tireless efforts, devotion of time, and significant contributions to the School strengthen the community.
Lynne C. Amerson ’09S (MBA)
Dion A. Chay ’98S (MBA)

Amanda Mari ’09S (MBA)
Ilmar Norvik ’13S (MBA)

Prashant Kamath ’06S (MBA)
Sheffali Welch ’02S (MBA)

2018: Terrence W. Liverpool ’08S (MBA)

2017: Murali Ganti ’01S (MBA)

2015: Robert B. Dorr ’97S (MBA)

Danielle N. Beyer ’05, ’06S (MBA)
Meena Singh ’85S (MBA)

Harvey H. Jacobson ’82S (MBA)
Kathleen E. Washington ’04S (MBA)

2012: Scott J. Gordon ’84, ’85S (MBA)

2011: Martin L. Stern ’79, ’80S (MBA)

2010: Dr. Harindra de Silva ’84S (MBA), ’85S (MS)

2009: David M. Khani ’93S (MBA)

Sarah Plasky-Sachdev ’99S (MBA)
Timothy D. Smith ’88S (MBA)

Distinguished Alumnus Award

Established in 1985, the Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes alumni whose exceptional professional achievements, contributions to their chosen field, and service to the Simon Business School have brought honor to themselves and to the University of Rochester.

1John N. Wilder (1810-1858), an Albany businessman, was one of the University’s founders and served as the first president (chairman) of the Board of Trustees. He led the first organized campaign to raise funds for the construction of buildings for the fledgling university. President Martin Brewer Anderson once said of Wilder, “When the history of this institution shall be written one person will take his stand among the noblest founders of learning which this state has ever seen. Need I say that man is John N. Wilder?”

2023: Juan C. Jones ’88S (MBA)

Gerald Gitner ’68S (MBA)
Dorothy Coleman ’16S (MBA)

2019: Albert I. Salama ’73, ’74S (MBA)

Neil A. Augustine ’88, ’89S (MBA)
Ronald A. Homer ’71S (MBA)
Stephen E. Rogers ’90S (MBA)

Joseph W. Abrams ’74S (MBA)
Gregory S. Hayt ’92S (MS)

2016: Pramit Jhaveri ’87S (MBA)

Ram K. Sundaram ’91S (MBA)
Howard A. Zemsky ’86S (MBA)

Steven W. Berglund ’77S (MBA)
Colleen J. Wegman ’00S (MBA)

Douglas B. Petno ’89S (MBA)
Kevin P. Collins ’82S (MBA)

Mark Zupan Alumni Community Builder Award

Established in 2016, the Mark Zupan Alumni Community Builder Award recognizes extraordinary alumni whose dedicated volunteer efforts have had a significant and enduring impact on the strength of their regional alumni network. This Award is named in honor of Mark Zupan, former dean of the Simon Business School, to recognize his tireless efforts in building a meaningful, mutually beneficial global network for our School, our alumni, and our students. The award will be presented annually to a recipient at a reception in their region.