Advancement Awards

School of Medicine and Dentistry

We are proud to present you with these exceptional award winners.

Dean’s Medal

Established in 2008, the Dean’s Medal recognizes extraordinary service, philanthropy, and leadership to the School, and dedication and commitment that inspire others to take leadership roles at the University. Individuals, families, associations, corporations, or foundations may be recognized. It is among the highest honors given by the School.

2023: Philip A. Pizzo ’70M (MD)

2022: Richard I. Burton ’64M (Res), MD

2019: The Parkes Family

2018: Paul Fine ’57, ’61M (MD), ’66M (Res)

2017: Joseph M. Lobozzo II

2016: Richard T. Aab

2015: John W. Rowe ’70M (MD), ’02M (Hnr)

2014: The Wilmot Family

2013: Dr. Alexander A. Levitan ’63M (MD)

2012: Ernest A. Bates, M.D. ’62M (MD)

2011: Dr. Robert M. Sutherland ’66M (PhD)

2009: Dr. Stephen I. Rosenfeld ’59, ’63M (MD)

John N. Wilder1 Award

Established in 2008, the John N. Wilder Award honors an individual, family, association, corporation, or foundation whose philanthropy inspires others in support of an “Ever Better” University of Rochester. The award is named for John Wilder, first president (chairman) of the University’s Board of Trustees.

2023: Marcia P. Siewert

2023: Mark R. Siewert

2022: James V. Aquavella, MD

2019: Neil Tucker and Karen Jonasse Tucker ’73

2018: Richard L. Goldstein ’70M (MD)

2017: Frank W. LoGerfo ’66M (MD)

2016: Jeffrey A. Stone ’87, ’91M (MD) and Carolyn E. Stone ’87

2015: Won Sam Yi ’99M (MD), ’04M (Res)

2014: Michael F. Buckley


Dr. Elizabeth A. Almeyda ’74, ’78M (MD)
Dr. Steven B. Birnbaum ’78M (MD)

2012: Dr. Marvin J. Hoffman ’45, ’50M (Res) and Nancy Yanes-Hoffman ’50, ’68 (MA)

2011: Barbara A. Simms

2010: Dr. Frederick B. Parker, Jr. ’58, ’62M(MD)

2009: Dr. Robert Smith ’89M (MD)


Betsy Small Fuchs ’82M (MD) and Marc D. Fuchs ’81M (MD)
Judith A. Small ’78M (MD) and Ira Cohen, MD

Alumni Service Award

Established in 2002, the Alumni Service Award recognizes a graduate who has furthered the interests of the School of Medicine and Dentistry through significant support, commitment, and service to the School. (Selected by SMD Alumni Council)

2023: James M. Haley ’85M (MD), ’88M (Res), P’18

2022: Gina Cuyler ’92M (MD), ’95M (Res), FACP

2019: George Hicks ’71M (MD), ’77M (Res), ’78M (Flw)

2018: Ralph F. Jozefowicz ’82M (Res), ’85M (Res) ’86M (Flw)

2017: Seymour I. Schwartz ’57M (Res)

2016: Lawrence F. Nazarian ’64M (MD), ’66M (Res)

2014: Dr. Elethea (Lee) H. Caldwell ’73M (Res)

2013: Dr. Jules Cohen ’53, ’57M (MD), ’59M (Res)

2012: Dr. Richard I. Burton ’64M (Res)

2011: Dr. Frank W. LoGerfo ’66M (MD)

2010: Dr. Robert A. Scala ’56M (MS), ’58M (PhD)

2009: Dr. David N. Kluge ’54M (MD)

2008: Paul Fine ’57, 61M (MD)

Distinguished Alumnus Award

Established in 2003, the Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes outstanding and widely recognized achievement, particularly by one who exemplifies the standards and objectives of the School of Medicine and Dentistry through personal conduct, professional accomplishments, and community service. Distinct preference is given to one whose achievements have a significant impact on the medical field on a national and global scale. (Selected by SMD Alumni Council)

2023: John M.Vierling ’74M (Res)

2022: Joseph Serletti ’82M (MD), ’88M (Res)

2019: George Hicks ’71M (MD), ’77M (Res), ’78M (Flw)

2018: Philip Greenland ’74M (MD), ’78M (Res)

2017: Randy N. Rosier ’77M (MS), ’78M (MD), ’79M (PhD)

2016: Arthur J. Moss ’62M (Res)

2015: W. Archie Bleyer ’69M (MD)

2014: Dr. David Satcher ’72M (Res), 95M (Hnr)

2013: Dr. Harvey J. Alter ’56, ’60M (MD)

2012: Dr. Dorothy Ford Bainton ’60M (Res)

2011: Dr. Paul F. Griner ’59M (MD)

2010: Dr. Ruth A. Lawrence ’49M (MD), ’58M (Res)

2009: Major General Philip King Russell (Ret.) ’58M (MD)

2008: Robert L. Brent ’48, ’53M (MD), ’55M (PhD), ’88 (Hnr)

Humanitarian Award

Established in 2008, the Humanitarian Award recognizes graduates of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry who have contributed to the betterment of the world by their selfless alleviation of suffering among those in need, bringing honor to themselves and the University. (Selected by SMD Alumni Council)

2023: Ismail Mehr ’02M (Res)

2022: Stephen A. McLeod-Bryant ’80, ’84M (MD)

2019: Louis Aledort ’64M (Res)

2018: Gregory Ogawa ’89M (MD)


Sophina M. Calderon ’11M (MD)
William Gamble ’59M (MD)

2016: Mark H. Weinstein ’65, ’69M (MD)

2015: Elinor A. Graham ’70M (MD)


Dr. Norman B. Abell ’51M (MD)
Dr. Bernard Guyer ’70M (MD)

2013: Dr. Michael S. Gottlieb ’73M (MD), ’74M (Res), ’77M (Res)

2012: Anthony A. Caldamone ’81M (Res)

2011: Dr. John E. Brewer ’74M (MD)

2010: Dr. Richard Hodes ’82M (MD)

2009: Dr. Eugene J. Gangarosa ’50M (MD), ’55 (MS)

Alumni Achievement Award


Established in 2012, this award recognizes an outstanding alumnus who has excelled in teaching, community service, research, clinical and/or health policy in furtherance of the ideals of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. All University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry alumni who completed their training at SMD within the last 25 years are eligible for this award. Alumni are defined as MD, PhD, and masters degree recipients who graduated from the School of Medicine & Dentistry. Physicians who completed residency training at URMC are also considered alumni. The recipient is chosen by the Medical Alumni Council.

2023: Meng Wang ’04M (MS), ’05M (PhD)

2022: Irene Georgakoudi ’96M (MS), ’99M (PhD)

2019: Jeff Goater ’97, ’00M (MS), ’01S (MBA), ’04M (MS)

2018: Hongbo Chi ’98M (MS), ’01M (PhD) and Ping Li ’01M (MS), ’03M (PhD)

2017: Antonia P. Eyssallenne ’01M (MS), ’04M (PhD), ’06M (MD)

2016: Wendi Kuhnert-Tallman ’95M (MS), ’99M (PhD)

2014: Dr. Ian Jermaine Wilson ’99M (MD), ’04M (Res), ’06M (Flw)

2013: Dr. Robert A. Burne ’87M (PhD)