Emergency Funds

How you can help

During this time of great uncertainty around the world, alumni and friends are reaching out to the University and offering their help.

Many are interested in finding ways to support students who need immediate assistance and have difficult personal circumstances. Among the greatest needs of students at this point are emergency assistance for housing, travel home, temporary storage, or online learning assistance.

The University has a special emergency fund for all students. This fund is actively being used today to help students but needs to be replenished in real-time in order to keep up this critical help. The University Food Pantry is also making food available to students.

A new emergency financial aid fund is now available to lessen the economic burden by providing immediate-use scholarship support to undergraduate students with financial need.

To help UR Medicine meet the unprecedented challenges facing the Rochester community, the URMC COVID-19 Emergency Fund has been created. From providing essential medical supplies to funding COVID-related research to offering critical support for our frontline staff, gifts to this fund will be directed to our highest priority needs.

We are incredibly grateful for your support during this difficult time. You can make an immediate difference, today, for our students, our providers, our patients, and our world with a gift of any amount. Thank you for all you are doing to help.

For more information, contact the Annual Giving Programs team at annualfunds@rochester.edu.

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