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Frequently Asked Questions

OneRochesterHow can I participate in OneRochester?
By giving a gift, of any amount, toward OneRochester you’ll make an immediate impact where your passions are the greatest. Few other organizations have the broad, comprehensive impact of a major research university and healthcare system. OneRochester’s donors have a unique opportunity to see their gifts at work, while they are at work. A financial contribution is a way to demonstrate your investment in Rochester, and shows confidence in our collective achievements and aspirations.

How much should I give?
Giving is a personal decision. You determine the size and designation of your gift according to your own charitable interests, your personal willingness to give, and your financial capacity. Every gift is significant; what matters most is your participation.

How will my gift be used?
It’s your choice. You can designate your gift to any school, department, program, scholarship or other initiative of your choice.  You can also choose to split your gift and support more than one area.

How can I give?
There are many ways to give to the University of Rochester and its Medical Center.
You can make your gift by:
•    Payroll Deduction (through HRMS)
•    Cash or Check
•    Credit or Debit Card
•    Filling out a Pledge Form

Visit the website at: to make a gift or call (585) 273-5887 with questions.

How do I give through payroll deduction?
Payroll deduction is one of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways to make your gift. By completing the payroll deduction form, you specify the amount you would like automatically deducted from each paycheck and where your support should be designated.  You can give either online through HRMS, or by filling out a hard copy pledge form.

Will my gift make a difference?
Each gift – no matter the size – is important. Your gift and participation shows that you believe in the fund(s) you have chosen to support. There are many funds that receive a large number of small gifts that produce a tremendous impact.

Who will know about my gift? Is my gift confidential?
You will receive a thank you acknowledgement from OneRochester for your support and a receipt for your gift. However, the amount of your gift will remain confidential to others. All contributions are voluntary.

What if I already give to other organizations?
That’s wonderful! We hope you will consider finding a similar interest in giving at the University or its Medical Center. There are thousands of options to select from. For example, if cancer research is important to you, consider giving to the James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute. If you are passionate about the arts, think about giving to the Eastman School of Music or the Memorial Art Gallery.  If you are a sports fan, consider designating your gift to Rochester Athletics.

Can I make a gift jointly with my spouse/partner?
Of course! Many people who work at the University or its Medical Center have spouses/partners who work here, or have a spouse/partner who is an alumnus/a, but does not work here. It is your choice whether to make your gift as an individual or as a couple. 

Why is OneRochester giving so important?
Gifts provide funding for important initiatives here. They also are an endorsement - announcing to alumni, friends, patients, corporations, and foundations that the University and its Medical Center are worthy of support - and that support starts at “home.”  You are a champion of our work.

Can my gift count toward the George Eastman Circle or Rochester Loyal?
Yes.  If your gift is designated for an annual fund, and you have given for two consecutive years, you are automatically a member of Rochester Loyal.  If you pledge a minimum of $1,500 annually, for five years, to one of more than 200 available annual funds, you can be a member of the George Eastman Circle.

To learn more about Rochester Loyal, please visit:
For the George Eastman Circle, please go to:

I’ve already given this year.  Will my gift count toward OneRochester?
Any donations between July 1 and June 30 are considered participation in OneRochester. If you are a George Eastman Circle member, your annual contribution will also count toward OneRochester.

Is the OneRochester for me?
All gifts from people who work at the University or its Medical Center count toward OneRochester, and everyone’s participation is needed. Whether you support the annual fund, include the University in your Will, or restrict your gift to name a space within a building, your gift to Rochester matters. OneRochester is for everyone, and participation at every giving level is important and highly valued.

Is there someone who can talk to me about making a large gift to the University or its Medical Center?
Please contact Christine Lafountain ’91 ( or 585-273-5887) who will help you find the appropriate gift officer.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

I am unable to login to the OneRochester Web site, and/or I do not have a NetId. How can I participate?
You can give online by clicking on the "Make a Gift by Credit Card" link.