To our alumni and friends

Together for Rochester

To our alumni and friends,

The University is grateful for your generosity and support over the past several months. Thanks to you, we have been able to keep our frontline health care workers safe, advance critical COVID-19 research, and help our faculty, students and staff during the initial outbreak of the pandemic.

As we begin the 2020-21 academic year amid great uncertainty, we are asking for your continued loyalty and support.

As we all know, the pressing issues affecting our world and our University are still very much with us. That’s why we launched Together for Rochester—a year-long engagement and fundraising campaign to make life better for our students, faculty, alumni and our entire University community.

We’d like to involve you in our efforts. We hope to both grow and strengthen our current network of supporters during these difficult times. We have established specific opportunities to help our students, faculty, and alumni—including a robust plan to help find jobs and career placements for our current students and recent graduates.

We also hope to maintain our traditional levels of philanthropy and raise $100 million by June 30, 2021. The goal is to focus on several priorities: scholarships and financial aid; faculty recruitment and retention; clinical and academic research; diversity initiatives; and all the other important work of the University as we deal with the many financial challenges the pandemic has created.

The University community makes a difference in the world every day. Together, we can do more than just get through these difficult times. We can help each other and leverage all the resources of the University to emerge even stronger.

On behalf of the University, thank you.

Tom Farrell ’88, ’90W
Senior Vice President for Advancement