Which Rochester mascot are you?

Which Rochester mascot are you?

Where did you spend your time off campus?

1. East and Alexander
2. Nick Tahou’s
3. Sal’s Birdland
4. Don and Bob’s
5. Sibley’s

Pick a dorm

The Towers
Susan B. Anthony

How did you get on, off, and around campus?

1. Biking
2. Uber
3. Walking
4. Taxi
5. Walked across Genesee River

Pick a University of Rochester tradition

Boar’s Head Dinner
Dandelion Day
Painting the tunnels
Moving Up Day
Meliora Weekend

On a warm spring afternoon, where would you be?

1. The Hill
2. Rush Rhees Steps
3. Frat Quad
4. Wilson Quad
5. Eastman Quad

Pick a place to study

1. Comfy chairs in Rush Rhees
2. Stacks
3. The Memorial Art Gallery Lawn
4. Gleason Library
5. Welles-Brown Room

What was your favorite student organization?

The Midnight Ramblers
Black Student Union

All 7 questions completed!

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Which Rochester mascot are you?

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