Please let us know that you are planning to attend Reunion @ Meliora Weekend October 4-7, 2018. Fill out the form below. Registration opens in July.
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Ed Ackley
Doris Barrows (Joralemon)
Marcia Blacklin (Butts)
John Braund
Mary Casbeer
Janice Currie (Jacobs)
Linda Davey (Wells)
Robert DePrez
Russell Diefendorf
Anthony DiVasto
Shirley Fien (Goebel)
Natalie Findlay (Russell)
Elinor Fisk (Wilson)
Phyllis Fraysier (Palmer)
Rufus Fulreader
Merle Gallagher
Raymond Hasenauer
Don Hauler
Nancy MacWhinney (McFadden)
Dorothy Marengo (Ray)
Sheila Muller-Girard
Joan Pitts (Riley)
Bertha Santirocco (Meisel)
John Schottmiller
Joyce Schuetz (Hines)
James Symonds

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