Please let us know that you are planning to attend Reunion @ Meliora Weekend October 12-15, 2017. Fill out the form below. Registration opens in July.
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Barbara Adams
Everertt Ascher
Morton Bittker
Barbara Booth (Keady)
Sally Chirlin (Child)
Davis Clark
Georgia DeYoung (Katz)
Thomas Dintruff
Chita Duval (Angeli)
Suzanne Eichorn (Finn)
Mary Lou Grevatt (Myers)
Ruth Hennessey (Gillette)
Barbara Horvath
Neal Jewell
John Klahn
Joan McKinley (Coombs)
Anne Merryfield (Healey)
William Miller
Richard Monacell
Ronald Moore
David Muirhead
John Nicholson
John Packard
Kay Ryder (Hatton)
Tenney Spofford
Bruce Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson (Grant)
Phyllis Wettermann
Barbara Zuegel

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