Reunion class gift campaigns have a strong tradition of helping the College address urgent priorities. Rochester has achieved its exceptional academic record with one of the smallest financial bases among comparable institutions. These accomplishments have been possible because of the tremendous support from alumni and friends. Today, alumni giving continues to grow the level of excellence that defines a Rochester education.

Every reunion class has its own class-specific gift campaign, which runs throughout their anniversary year until December 31. Any gift made by reunion alumni—to any school or program at the University of Rochester—also counts toward the class campaign, while making a significant impact wherever the gift is invested. For convenience, your pledge can be made during your reunion year and paid in multiple installments after the class campaign is completed.

There are many ways you can make a gift that will ensure tremendous impact both at the University and within your class campaign. Learn more.


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Areas of impact to support your Reunion Class Gift Campaign!

A gift to any area of the University of Rochester or its Medical Center counts toward your class totals. A gift to the Rochester Annual Fund is always appreciated, and provides much needed resources for the College Deans to make necessary decisions to keep U of R attracting exceptionally bright, broadly talented and highly motivated faculty and students. In addition, here is a list for some ideas of other areas that you can support.

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In honor of your Reunion this year, the University of Rochester invites you to become a member of the George Eastman Circle, the University's leadership annual giving society.

George Eastman Circle members are University leaders whose critical Annual Fund gifts provide resources that will make an immediate impact the very next academic year. George Eastman Circle gifts can be designated to any of the University's schools and units, including areas within the Medical Center. ALL GIFTS, made to any designation, will count toward your Class Reunion Gift Campaign. Make a commitment you can feel proud of to an area you feel most passionate about. Learn more and join here>



A lifetime of support demonstrated that philanthropy wasn’t just a part of Joseph C. Wilson ’31 and Marie (Peggy) Curran Wilsons' lives. It was a significant part of who they were. It was a commitment to what they believed in. “Wilson” has become synonymous with “legacy,” and it is now the name under which we honor alumni, parents, and friends whose philanthropy at the University of Rochester includes a planned gift.

The Wilson Society illuminates the legacy created by Joe and Peggy and celebrates those individuals who have established a gift plan or included the University in their estate. By planning your own gift, you create an opportunity to make an indelible mark on the University and ensure your own legacy. Click here to learn more>