Help make your reunion a success by volunteering. As a volunteer, you would actively promote your reunion around the country and encourage classmates to reconnect with each other and see what is new at your university. Our ultimate goal is to connect with as many classmates as we can (ideally 100% classmate contact) and increase the number of classmates who attend the October reunion—because it is more fun when there are more people!

You can help in several ways:

  • Identify and recruit new volunteers
  • Contact classmates via phone, email, social media, etc. to encourage attendance at reunion
  • Spread the word about your reunion gift campaign to increase class participation
  • Make a thoughtful gift (of any amount) to support the class gift campaign
  • Serve as an ambassador by reacquainting classmates with one another and renew your connections to the University of Rochester

The time commitment is flexible and based on your schedule. We look forward to working with you on your reunion.

Fill in the fields below if you are interested in being a volunteer.

Current alumni volunteering for reunion:

Michael Finberg-Chair
Drew Mittelman-Gift Chair

Guy Bailey
Merri Boylan  
Susan (Toce) Caprio
Dan Goldberg
Ronald Goldberg
Margaret (O'Leary) Henderson
Edwin Kaplan 
Robert Klein 
Alan Lobel 
Gretchen (Aldinger) Myles
Kathleen (Mullen) Norris
John Norris
Jack Pernice  
Bruce Phillips
Howard Raab  
Barbara (Bockelmann) Rundell  
Steven Shore
Gary Stenner
Diane Sternberg
Alan Wertheimer