What is a Mini-Reunion?

It is an opportunity for you to get together with other Rochester alumni in your area.  It is a great way to reconnect and reminisce with friends and classmates leading up to your reunion during Meliora Weekend. We look for alumni to host these social gatherings, which  could include a luncheon or breakfast at your company or office, an after work happy hour at a local bar or restaurant, or even a gathering at your home. Your class manager will work with you to plan the event logistics and help invite your classmates.  

Here are some guidelines and helpful tips for planning a mini- reunion!

WHO will be invited?

  • Your classmates! We also encouraged you to consider inviting alumni from other class years that attended Rochester at the same time and were members of your student organizations and/or sports teams. Your class manager will provide an email list.

WHERE should I host my event?

  • Pick a location! - your office, a local bar, pub or restaurant, or your home. Consider a venue in a popular or convenient area of your city; one that is close to highways or accessible by public transportation.

WHEN should I host my event?

  • Pick a date and time! These casual get-togethers are typically held between January and May during the evening (account for work schedules, commuting, family, etc. when picking a time).
  • Consider what day of the week is most likely to draw a crowd. We find that Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are best, in most cities.

WHAT should be on the agenda?

  • It is important that these events are social and relaxed- we want them to serve as a way for alumni to interact and network with friends/classmates they haven’t seen in a while and to reminisce. However, there should be materials regarding reunion weekend, how to register, and the class gift campaign, which your class manager will provide.

HOW much should the event cost?

  • Alumni Relations can help cover some costs (based upon budget), and we are always grateful and appreciative of alumni who are able to help with the costs. Please speak with your class manger about the budget; however keeping costs to a minimum should always be a priority.