Student Organization Challenge

We’re challenging all student organizations to have 75-100% (depending on organization size) of their senior members donate. A single gift of any size to anywhere (you can even give to your organization!) counts for ALL organizations you are a member of.

  • Small Group (1-10 senior members) = 100% participation
  • Medium Group (11-20 senior members) = 85% participation
  • Large Group (21+ senior members) = 75% participation 

The senior donors of each group that meets its participation goal by June 30 will receive a Class of 2018 shot glass (limit one per senior), in addition to many other donor perks and recognitions. All registered student organizations and varsity sports teams will be included in the challenge.

If you have additional affiliations not included in the CCC that you’d like to be considered for inclusion, please submit a request to Senior Giving Managers Joey Stephens ( or Josh Pachter (