School of Medicine and Dentistry

School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Support of the School’s Institute for Innovative Education facilitated the development of future physicians, educators, and investigators preparing them all for the new and technologically advanced landscape of health care, research, and education.
  • Scholarships allowed the School to compete for the nation's top medical and graduate students, helping to alleviate their financial educational burden.
  • People around the world are closer to benefitting from the next great medical discovery thanks to support given to laboratory and research projects. Given that researchers are up against reductions in federal grants, this funding is crucial to advancing their work.
  • Gifts also ensured that students, residents, and fellows were able to take part in a wide variety of research and clinical training experiences. They were also able to attend national conferences where they had the opportunity to meet leaders in their field, present papers, share research, and learn what their peers have done to advance their areas of expertise.

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