Equity and Inclusion in a Pandemic

Apr 2, 2020

What are the realities of a virtually connected world when it comes to equity and inclusion?

In the Office of Equity and Inclusion’s Insights podcast, that’s one of the questions addressed by Mercedes Ramírez Fernández, the Richard Feldman Vice President for Equity and Inclusion and chief diversity officer; Adrienne Morgan, associate vice president for equity and inclusion; and Students’ Association president Jamal Holtz ’20.

“I continue to hear that the coronavirus is impacting everyone, but the point that I would love to hear is that it impacts people differently depending upon their station in life and their socially significant identities,” Ramírez Fernández says.

The group talks about how we can ensure and celebrate diversity in the midst of social separation, and the damaging effects of xenophobia in virtual and physical college campuses.

Listen to the podcast here.
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