Lifelong Learning Advisory Council

Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning Council evolved from the Slater Council. Council members advise Advancement staff on program development for Rochester Forum and other lifelong learning opportunities. The Council also reviews and provides feedback on communications and marketing materials from the Office of Alumni Relations.

The Office of Alumni Relations would like to thank its current Lifelong Learning Advisory Council members:

  • Dorothea (deZafra) Atwell '63
  • Claudette Entenberg
  • Jonathan Foster '59
  • Donald Gaudion '71
  • Les Loysen '60, Chair
  • Nancy May Martin '65, '94 (MA)
  • Joan (Rosenthal) Nusbaum '58
  • Barnett Parker '72S (MS), '76S (PhD)
  • Kathleen (Coyne) Plum '73, '76N (MS), '93N (PhD)
  • Nancy (Kelts) Rice '58
  • Karen (Peller) Selwyn '67
  • Philip Selwyn '65
  • Henry Simon '64
  • Gene Ulterino '63
  • Gloria (O'Toole) Ulterino '62
  • Martin Zemel '63, '65W (MA)

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*Last updated February 2, 2017

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