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How to Set Up a Group Sign-up Sheet in Blackboard

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Creating Groups for Sign-up

To begin, access the Groups tool by going to the Users and Groups section of the Control Panel, and choose Groups.

Control panel - Groups

Click Create and choose a Self-Enrollment Group Set

Create Group Set, Self-Enroll

In section 1, provide a name for the Group Set, and any descriptive information. Make sure "Group is visible to students" is set to "Yes"

Provide name of Group Set

In section 2, unselect all of the Tools available to groups. Unless you are also using this for group work, students will not need them.

In section 4, provide a starting name for your group, here "Recitation is used". Provide any instructions that are common across the entire sign-up.
Indicate how many members will be allowed in each group.
Check the "Show members" box if you want students to see who is already signed up in the group when they are registering.
Leave the "Allow students to sign-up from the Groups listing page" checked.

Group Sign-up options

In section 5, indicate the total number of groups that you need.

Click Submit.

The list of recitations will look like this.

List of Group Sets

You now need to edit the names of the individual groups to designate specific information about the recitation, including date, time and location.

In the Group Set column, select the pull-down menu for the entire group and select "Edit Group Set Membership"

Edit Group Set Membership

Change the group names to reflect the specific information needed in order for students to choose the group/recitation. In this case, the Day of the Week, Time of Day, and Meeting Location are added. Additionally, incremental numbers are added at the beginning so that the sessions can be placed in order, starting with Monday and ending with Friday. The sessions will be displayed alphabetically to the students, so having the numbering system helps place them in a more logical order.

Change group names

This is the final list of recitations with names edited to include numbers for ordering, and dates/times/locations.

Final List of Recitations

Adding Group Sign-up to your Course Menu

First, select the "+ Add" button in the top left corner of the menu. Choose "Tool Link".

Add a Tool to the Menu

Provide a name for the link - Recitation Sign-Up - and change the Type to Groups. Check the box "Available to Users". Hit Submit.

Add Tool Link