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Blackboard 9.1 Q4 2015: Known Issues

Below you will find the list of known issues that we have documented with our updated version of Blackboard.

Version update:

Our version of Blackboard is 9.1, update Q4 2015. Please see  Supported Browsers to be sure you're using a compatible browser.

Known Issues:

1) In the Chrome browser, DO NOT SELECT THE OPTION TO "Prevent this page from creating further dialogs." If you click this option, several Blackboard features will cease to function. Blackboard needs to put up dialog boxes to inform or confirm your actions. If it cannot display the popup, it will not proceed. If you click this option by mistake and can't perform desired tasks, quit your browser and restart it and re-log in. You should have full functionality back. This affects only Chrome.

2) In IE, be sure that compatibility mode is NOT enabled for the domain, and that "Display intranet sites in compatibility view" is not checked. These settings are in the IE Tools menu. Having the wrong settings will prevent the Courses Online module from loading.

3) The spell check feature in the text editor has been disabled due to serious issues with its functioning. Its response to misspellings can cause excessive logs, leading to poor system performance. And in some tools (blogs and wikis), having misspellings can cause the tool to crash and lose all of the associated content.

4) In the Grade Center, calculated columns may show up to four decimal places. This is currently not editable.

5) When using the inline grading feature, the marked up version of the student's submission is stored in the cloud and is NOT STORED AS PART OF THE COURSE BACKUP OR ARCHIVE. In order to have a persistent copy of your comments, you must download the marked up document to your local computer. The original ungraded version submitted by the student IS retained in Blackboard backups.

6) When "Comments & Markups" is open within a Grade Center Attempt and you re-size the browser window, toolbar buttons may overlap (under Assignment Instructions). This may block the download button. Increase the size of your browser window to reveal the download button and download your commented copy of the submission.

You may need to stretch your browser window to make this download icon visible:
download commented copy

7) Files in excess of 30MB will probably not load in the grading window (even if the file is a supported file format: MS Office or pdf). Between 30 and 50MB, the interface may show Preview not Available temporarily, then load. 50MB and over is likely to show the error and remain locked. If you run into this, you'll need to download the submission and grade it the old fashioned way.

8) A student who subscribes to a discussion forum or thread, and later drops the course, may continue to receive email notifications from that subscription. Contact your Blackboard Support Team.

9) Deleting links to Blackboard Collaborate sessions or recordings will result in a page with the following text: 

{"status":405,"code":null,"extraInfo":null,"message":"Request method 'POST' not supported","receipt":null,"developerMessage":null} 

However, hit the browser's back button to return to your course page and the link will have been successfully deleted.