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Blackboard Instructional Videos

General Course Organization

Global Navigation and My Blackboard (3:41)

How to Set Your Notification Options (3:20)

How to Add an Avatar (2:38)

How to Quickly Jump From One Blackboard Course to Another (1:18)

Student Preview (2:24)


Using the Content Editor (3:59)

How To Add Content to a Learning Module (2:22)

How to Create a Lesson Plan (2:48)

How to Create a Mashup (2:13)

Using the Content Editor (3:59)

How to Import a Course Package (1:34)

Automatically Adjust Dates in a Copied Course (3:13)

Blackboard Tools

How to Create Announcements in Your Course (2:39)

How to Send Email in Blackboard Learn (1:37)

How to Create Discussion Board Forums (4:34)

How To Create and Manage Wikis  (4:15)

How to Create a Blog (3:35)

How to Create a Journal (2:40)

How to Add a Tool Link to Your Course (3:05)

Using the Blackboard Calendar (3:13)

How to Create and Manage Tasks (2:52)

How to Turn Tools On and Off in a Course (3:05)

Assignments, Tests and Grading


How to Use Grade Details to See Attempts and Assign Grades (1:29)

Blackboard Inline Grading for Assignments (2:48)

Anonymous and Delegated Grading (2:37)


How To Create a Test in Blackboard Learn (4:47)

How to Create a Test Question (2:37)

How to Build a Pool of Test Questions (1:42)

How to Create a Random Block of Test Questions (3:09)

How to Upload Test Questions from Microsoft Excel (2:25)

How to Export and Import a Test or Survey (2:16)

How to Set Test Options (2:56)


How to Create a Rubric for Grading Student Work (3:08)

How to Grade Using a Rubric (3:24)

Grade Center:

How to Customize the Grade Center (2:32)

How to Download and Upload Grades from the Grade Center (2:40)

How to Create a Smart View of Grade Center Data (2:07)

Color Code the Grade Center (1:47)