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What is Voicethread?

Voicethread is a tool that can allow you to have a conversation around media. It can be used to facilitate multimedia-based discussions and presentations.

Voicethread is...

  • A different way to present content to students
  • A different way to have a discussion
  • A different form of assessment

Use Voicethread to replace...

  • ice-breakers and student introductions
  • voice-over Powerpoint
  • text-based discussion boards

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Please adhere to all University policies with regard to Social Security Numbers (SSN), Personal Identifying Information (PII), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the use of this product.

Using Voicethread

Specific How-To Information

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Integrating Voicethread with Blackboard Learn

How to use Voicethread within your Blackboard Course

Linking Voicethread to your course will automatically create accounts for you, the instructor, and your students based on enrollment within the Blackboard course. It will also restrict access to your Voicethreads to those within your course.

Your links within your Blackboard course can point to specific  individual Voicethreads, your Voicethread course area, or your Voicethread home page.

Special Features in Voicethread

Adding your Identity into Voicethread - Add your image into Voicethread so that your comments have an "identity"

Threaded commenting - Turn on Threaded Commenting in your Voicethread settings


How to Humanize your Course with Voicethread (Michelle Pacansky-Brock) - an e-book that discusses how Voicethread was used to add interactivity to a course.

Humanizing Online Learning with Voicethread - a 50 minute webinar on adding a human element to an online course using Voicethread.

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