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Other Schools of the University

Eastman School of Music

Known throughout the world as a major center for the education of professional musicians as well as for the study and creation of music, the Eastman School of Music offers diverse curricula leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music through the College may take some of their coursework at the Eastman School. Other University undergraduates, having met the requirements and with permission, may also take applied music lessons or other music courses at Eastman. Some students apply and are admitted both to the College and the Eastman School, and pursue a dual degree program.

School of Medicine and Dentistry

In addition to the programs leading to the MD, MA, MS, MPH, and PhD degrees, the School of Medicine and Dentistry offers unusual opportunities for undergraduates. In the Rochester Early Medical Scholars Program (REMS), a BA/BS-MD program, exceptionally talented students enter the University with a conditional acceptance to the medical school. In the Summer Scholars program, undergraduate researchers from around the country have the opportunity to participate in a 10-week, hands-on, independent research project.

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing offers study leading to the bachelor of science degree with a major in nursing. Admission to the School of Nursing requires either a registered nurse license or a prior baccalaureate degree in a non-nursing field. The degree programs offered by the school include a bachelor of science in nursing, an RN to BS or RN to BS to MS program for registered nurses, Master of Science nurse practitioner specialties, MS in leadership in health care systems, MS in nursing education, CNL, MS and PhD dual-degree programs, doctor of nursing practice, and the doctor of philosophy in nursing and health science. Post-master’s certificate programs are also available.

William E. Simon School of Business

Ranked among the leading graduate business schools in the world, Simon Business School offers graduate degree programs in the most sought-after industries, including accounting, finance, marketing, and management. The School is recognized as a pioneer in the application of economic principles to problems that managers encounter in their interactions with consumers, employees, government entities, and other firms. Three top business journals—the Journal of Accounting and Economics, The Journal of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Monetary Economics were all founded by the Simon Business School to advance the world’s understanding of how economics can help firms profitably create value and help policymakers design better institutions and regulations to facilitate innovation and economic growth.

The Full-Time two-year MBA program offers 11 concentrations to suit our student’s needs and meet their career goals, while our full-time MS programs are one year of focused study designed for early career professionals.

Simon also offers a variety of part-time Professional MBA and Executive MBA degree options that allow busy professionals to continue working while pursuing their degree, but utilizes the same rigorous coursework that will prepare them for success in today’s competitive business climate.

In addition, Simon Business School and the University’s College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering jointly offer degrees in business through the Barry Florescue Undergraduate Business Program. The program challenges students to consider how they want to change the world and provides them the tools for achieving their vision. University of Rochester undergraduate students can minor in business, taking as few as three business courses, or major in business, earning either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Students opting for the BS degree choose from among five career-oriented tracks: Accounting, Business Analytics, Business Finance, Entrepreneurship, or Marketing.

Simon Business School’s in-house Career Management Center is dedicated to connecting our students to professional opportunities. From résumé development to mock interviews and individual career counseling, we prepare our students to be the leading candidates in a competitive marketplace.

With world-renowned faculty and a curriculum grounded in analytics and economics, our graduates are well prepared to be successful in an ever-changing business climate. 

Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

The Warner School of Education provides a broad range of courses of interest to undergraduates considering graduate work in education, counseling, and human development and those interested in the many issues related to schools, socialization, learning, leadership, community mental health, and change. The Warner School offers master’s and doctoral degree programs in teaching and curriculum, K-12 school leadership, higher education, education policy, counseling, human development, applied behavior analysis (ABA), online teaching, and program evaluation. Warner also has an interdisciplinary program in health professions education that is offered in collaboration with the University of Rochester School of Nursing and School of Medicine and Dentistry There is also a certificate as well as a master’s program for undergraduates interested in teaching English abroad.

Undergraduates are encouraged to take courses at the Warner School.  Issues such as the relations among race, gender, language, ethnicity, class, disability, sexuality, and schooling; the uses of technology as teaching and learning tools; interdisciplinary research and its application to human learning and development, community mental health counseling; the ties among economic, social, and educational practices and policies; community-based engaged scholarship; entrepreneurship and innovation involving education; and other matters of significance to contemporary society may be studied at the Warner School.

In most cases, the basic teacher preparation program (leading to NYS Initial Teaching Certification and fulfilling all the academic requirements for Professional Teaching Certification) is offered through 15 months of postgraduate study and is offered at the early childhood and elementary levels and in mathematics, English, Latin, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and social studies at the secondary level. Programs for those interested in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (grades K–12), Teaching Students with Disabilities (birth to grade 2, grades 1—6, and grades 7—12, as well as annotation for Teaching Students with Severe and/or Multiple Disabilities), and Reading and Literacies (at either birth to grade 6 or grades 5–12) are also available.

The Warner School also offers combined undergraduate and graduate programs in counseling and human development, designed for qualified University of Rochester undergraduate students planning either to become school counselors or mental health counselors, or to continue with graduate study in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, or human development. Students begin graduate study toward the Master of Science (MS) degree during their senior year. The master’s in human development - offering students a general program in human development or specializations in early childhood, family studies, developmental differences, gerontology, research—all of which can be completed in one year of postgraduate study—and a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that takes longer. The school counseling program, which leads to New York State certification as a school counselor, takes about two years of postgraduate study. The program in community mental health counseling program, which leads to New York State licensure in mental health counseling, also can be completed in about two additional years. Consult with a counselor in the Warner School Admissions Office, (585) 275-3950 or, for exact requirements for the combined undergraduate and graduate programs in counseling and human development.

The Warner School offers the Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education (GRADE) program, which is a five-year BA/BS + MS education program for undergraduate students admitted to the University of Rochester who are interested in becoming educators (six years if pursuing a specialization in counseling). GRADE students enter the University with an assurance of admission to the Warner School with the Steven Harrison quarter-tuition scholarship for the duration of the program (this offer is contingent on students meeting prerequisites for their selected area of specialization by the time they complete their undergraduate program). The program is designed to offer students a quality liberal arts education while also preparing them to become educators.

The Warner School also offers a number of scholarship opportunities, including time-limited 50 percent guaranteed scholarships for programs leading to New York State teaching and school counseling certifications, and for qualified University of Rochester graduating seniors who are interested in pursuing graduate study at the Warner School.

Students who are interested in a career in education and human development are encouraged to meet with a Warner School admissions counselor to learn more about programs and opportunities for coursework as an undergraduate. The Office of Admissions offers day and evening appointments for student counseling and school tours. The Warner School is housed in LeChase Hall, located on the historic Wilson Quadrangle between Todd Union and Wilson Commons on River Campus.