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Interdisciplinary Studies

The University has a long history of interdisciplinary cooperation and prides itself on its ability to foster programs that span departments and schools. Interdisciplinary programs for undergraduates in the College have grown notably in recent years. New programs include several majors in areas related to public health (in collaboration with the School of Medicine and Dentistry), a business major (in collaboration with the Simon School of Business), and majors in Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures. Other new interdisciplinary majors include Digital Media Studies, American Studies, East Asian Studies, and Audio and Music Engineering. Several of these programs combine the humanities and the sciences or engineering in novel ways. To provide administrative support for these kinds of programs, the College created a Multidisciplinary Studies Center in 2010.

In addition to interdisciplinary programs, courses that are deliberately multidisciplinary in focus and offered recently include "The Art and Science of Time" and "Reformations of Western Thought."

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