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Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies

University Records

The University policy on student records is available to students and their parents through the Office of the University Registrar.

Reports to Parents

Federal law permits the University to disclose education records to parents of dependent students. It is the policy of the University to consider all matriculated undergraduate students dependent until the age of 21 unless they formally declare their independence, either at the time of enrollment or subsequently through application to the dean’s office of their college. The University and Eastman School registrars will release grade information to parents when permitted by law, unless the student objects and/or disclosure would not be in the student’s best interest in the judgment of the College. The College and the Eastman School of Music will generally honor written (not email), signed requests by students to release their grades to parents or other persons specified. Signed, written (not email) grade requests by parents of undergraduates will also generally be honored; however, the College may deny a request if the student objects or if the dean decides that disclosure is not in the student’s best interest or if the student cannot be claimed as a dependent.

Unless otherwise directed, reports concerning dependent students will be sent to the parent(s) or guardian(s) at the address designated on the registration materials at the time of enrollment.

If divorced or separated parents wish to receive individual mailings, the student should so advise the registrar’s office (College and School of Nursing students, Office of the University Registrar; Eastman School students, the Eastman School Registrar).

Notification of a change of address, or of a change in the designation of the parent who is to receive University mailings, should be made by the student to the appropriate registrar’s office.

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