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Policies & Procedures


Part-Time and Special Students

Part-time nonmatriculated (nondegree) students have an opportunity to try out various programs of study or just enjoy a class for personal enrichment. However, subsequent matriculation as a regular student, if desired, requires application for transfer admission. For details on registering as a nonmatriculated student, visit the Office of Summer and Continuing Studies website. Matriculated students who wish to change their status from full time to part time, or vice versa, need to inform their dean prior to the first day of classes. Tuition will be adjusted for students who change their time status after classes begin.

For more information about part-time enrollment, please visit the Office of Summer and Continuing Studies in 120 Lattimore Hall, or call (585) 275-2345. Advisement for planning a program of study is available from the College Center for Advising Services in Lattimore Hall. Part-time students are encouraged to email or call for appointments.

The category special student includes those full-time students who want to pursue coursework not leading to a degree, those who wish to complete professional school prerequisites, and “visiting” students currently enrolled in another college who wish to attend the University for only a term or a year. Students who have graduated from college but are considering a career change to medicine may be interested in the Post-baccalaureate Pre-health Program. General pre-professional advising is available to special students planning to complete requirements at the University for admission to medical or dental school, law school, or other graduate and health professions programs in the Greene Career Center. Prospective special students are welcome to direct their inquiries to the Office of Transfer Admissions at (585) 275-3221.

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