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Policies & Procedures

Academic Procedures

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Status

Students who contemplate withdrawal from the University should consult an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services or their school’s dean’s office.

Students wishing to spend a semester or more away from the University to work, to travel, or to study at another institution may apply for “leave of absence” status in the College Center for Advising Services or their school’s dean’s office. Students who study abroad and want to transfer credit cannot be on leave of absence and instead should declare study abroad status. Those students who are placed on leave of absence pay a nominal fee each semester. Housing priority is assigned in accordance with their classification.

Students holding residence hall contracts who withdraw or are withdrawn from the University for any reason should be aware that their residence hall contracts are automatically canceled upon receipt of a withdrawal notice from the appropriate advising offices. Withdrawn students have no further claim to their assigned space.

Students who are officially reinstated and who wish to live in the residence halls must submit a new contract, and they are placed on a space-available basis. These conditions also apply to students on study abroad or in internship programs, and students going on leave of absence status who change their plans and request reinstatement for the semester in which they originally had intended to be away.

Students who withdraw from all of their courses, change their status from full time to part time, or declare a leave of absence once the semester is underway, are encouraged to discuss their plans with a financial aid counselor and consult the University’s published refund schedule.

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