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Yang Chen '08

Major: Economics and history
Company: JP Morgan & Chase Co.
Title: Vice President—Audit Manager
Field of Work: Finance

What do you do?

I audit JPMorgan & Chase Co.'s Corporate and Investment Bank businesses' risk and controls related to compliance (anti-money laundering, sanctions, brokerage, and Dodd-Frank).

How did you become interested in your field?

I've always been interested in history and geopolitics and subsequently fell into the anti-money laundering field.

What skills are vital for success in your field?

Industry knowledge is vital because as an auditor, one must understand the products and processes that one is auditing.

What experiences, internships, study, or previous jobs helped you get to your current position?

Mostly experiences related to the subject matter I am auditing now (compliance, BSA AML, correspondent banking, cash management, etc.).

What advice do you have for current students interested in your field?

Work hard to obtain an internship.