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Andrew Frueh '03

Major: Computer science
Company: Health Catalyst
Title: Director of User Experience
Field of Work: Information Technology

What do you do?

Responsible for creative content developed by our company. Working with our customers to define strategy for current and future digital development initiatives. Projects involve pitching concepts to customers, presenting work, gathering feedback, and contributing to quality assurance. Additional responsibilities include creating and refining app wireframes, developing graphic design assets personally or overseeing designers, video editing, producing motion graphics, building prototypes.

How did you become interested in your field?

Started out focused on computer engineering, but realized after an internship that I wanted my work to include an artistic component. So I got into computer animation because it was a good mix of creative and technical. As app development became more in-demand at the agencies I worked for, I began to do more programming again and eventually worked my way into creative direction and digital strategy.

What, if any, additional education (degree, discipline, institution) have you earned?

Master of Fine Arts in imaging arts and sciences/computer animation from RIT.

What skills are vital for success in your field?

Graphic design, prototyping, problem solving, logic, creative thinking, pitching/presentation skills, listening, organization, computer programming.

What experiences, internships, study, or previous jobs helped you get to your current position?

My undergraduate internships had an enormous impact on my career because they gave me a glimpse of what my future could look like. I had a software engineering internship at a company called NeoWare in Philadelphia that caused me to shift my focus to computer animation. I then interned for a company started by professors Adam Frank and Ted Pawlicki called Truth-n-Beauty, which did multimedia development for customers like NASA, The Smithsonian, Griffith Observatory, etc. The work I did with Truth-n-Beauty really set me in the direction I've continued to follow today.

What advice do you have for current students interested in your field?

Don't focus solely on your technical skills. I'm very grateful for the well-rounded education I got from UR. A broad based intelligence is something I've found to be pretty rare. And the more you progress in your career, the more important creative thinking, and operating outside of your core skill set becomes.