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John David Hafner '02

Major: Physics and astronomy
Company: Competitive Power Ventures, Inc.
Title: Director of Development
Field of Work: Engineering

What do you do?

I develop commercial scale (i.e., very large) wind energy and natural gas-fired power plants. Essentially, I lead all of the major activities before construction starts on a power plant, such as real estate, permitting, and financing.

How did you become interested in your field?

I got hooked up with my company via a headhunter when I was getting out of the Navy in 2007.

What, if any, additional education (degree, discipline, institution) have you earned?

Naval Nuclear Power School and Prototype, US Navy master's in engineering management, Old Dominion University.

What skills are vital for success in your field?

A wide variety. Written and oral communication, building relationships, math and attention to detail are probably the most important.

What experiences, internships, study, or previous jobs helped you get to your current position?

Meeting a wide variety of people with differing backgrounds in the Navy was very valuable as was the significant attention to detail present in all aspects of US Naval Nuclear Power.

What advice do you have for current students interested in your field?

I had a lot of science/engineering experience coming into this job, but very little finance/business experience. Getting a good education in both of these areas would be very valuable.