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Karissa Page '07

Major: Psychology
Company: Acadiana CARES/LA Office of Public Health STD/HIV Program
Title: Special Projects of National Significance Coordinator
Field of Work: Other

What do you do?

I manage a grant from the Human Resources and Services Administration, HIV/AIDS Bureau that focuses on improving the systems of HIV care in Louisiana and the linkage between systems. The grant focuses on populations at high risk for HIV contraction as well as those who are HIV-positive and at risk for falling out of care.

How did you become interested in your field?

As an undergrad at UR, I was interested in research and wanted to implement research findings into practice. While I was pursuing my MPH, I came to enjoy policy and program development, design, and management. Now, I get to implement evidence-based research projects to improve public health.

What, if any, additional education (degree, discipline, institution) have you earned?

Master of Public Health

What skills are vital for success in your field?

Excellent writing and communication skills, patience, empathy, time management, willingness to go the extra mile, computer savvy, confidence, and not being afraid to say no/stand up for what is best for your population/project/office/partnership.

What experiences, internships, study, or previous jobs helped you get to your current position?

As part of my MPH degree program, I completed an internship (practicum) with the LA Office of Public Health's maternal and child health program and the Nurse-Family Partnership.

What advice do you have for current students interested in your field?

Use UR’s connections to public health now while it’s at your fingertips. The UR is involved in all kinds of public health ventures. All you need to do is reach out to someone/walk across the street. I'm sure UR and the Monroe County Health Department would love an eager student willing to get their hands dirty.