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Arts, Entertainment, Communications, Marketing, and Media

Arts Administration and Management

Arts management careers blend the worlds of art and business, and focus on the management and operations of art and cultural institutions. This can include galleries, museums, nonprofit cultural organizations, universities, and festivals, as well as theaters and concert halls. Roles within arts management may include:

  • Artistic management, producing, and casting
  • General management, accounting, finance, human resources, and operations
  • Marketing, promotions, and event planning
  • Member services, front of house, and box office management
  • Development, advancement, and fundraising
  • Education, arts advocacy, and community engagement

A career search can start with taking some business classes, interning for a local arts organization in their management or development unit, and building a network. The internship and job search process combines the traditional networking, application and interviewing process along with continuous participation in the arts field through volunteering, practicing and/or observing art/artistic performances. Graduate studies are available if needed or desired.

Successful candidates have:

  • Business management skills: accounting, marketing, HR, fundraising, public relations/marketing, etc.
  • Organizational skills and adaptability
  • Relationship development and networking skills
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and run efficient meetings/rehearsals
  • Demonstrated interest and/or experience in the organization’s specialty

Hiring cycle:

  • Internship Cycle - Typically hire in the spring for summer internships
  • Job Cycle - Very on-demand, hire in March and April through summer with increased number of postings during summer months 


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