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Arts, Entertainment, Communications, Marketing, and Media


Recording, Artist Management, Venue Management, Promotions

The music industry focuses on both live and recorded music distribution, including artist management, venue and concert production, promotions, and label management. It is not uncommon for those who work on the business side of the music industry to be performers or music teachers themselves, however, having a music education is not a requirement to participate in the industry. A wide understanding and enjoyment of all music is important, but depth and passion for a particular genre can be helpful in targeting specific artists, labels, or venues.

There are many different routes one can take to get involved in the music industry depending on personal interests, preferred work patterns, and geographical location. For example, opportunities exist in music publishing, live music production, venue and artist management, audio production and engineering, and many more. Generally, NYC, Los Angeles, and Nashville are main cities for music related careers and companies.

Networking is the number-one key to achieving success in the music industry, and the University of Rochester has a very active music alumni population who enjoy assisting students. Getting involved on campus with music organizations, concert and event productions, and broadcasting can be a great starting point before venturing out onto the local and national music scene.

Successful candidates have:

  • Understanding of music industry from artist, business, and venue perspectives
  • Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills for managing clients and contracts
  • Budget management skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Promotion and publicizing skills
  • Good communication skills in order to manage artists and engage with the public
  • Strong organizational, logistical, communication, and social media skills, as well as computer and software skills

Hiring cycle:

  • Internship Cycle - Networking driven, hiring in February through May for the summer semester
  • Job Cycle - Networking driven, hiring March through summer as well as variable openings throughout the year 


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