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Performing Arts

Dance, Music, Theatre

The performing arts field focuses on using the body or voice to convey messages and emotions. This can include dance and movement, music creation and performance, and acting and technical theater. Professionals in this field spend much of their time training, practicing, and collaborating with other artists toward the final performance product.

A career search in artistic performance requires auditioning and is highly competitive and networking-dependent. While personal talents will shine through during auditions, competitions and performances, it is also important to develop an online portfolio of previous work with video and audio files as you create a brand for yourself as an artist. Students should consider joining their respective artist union to expand networks, learn of opportunities, and positively impact their ability to continue to practice their craft over a long period of time. Opportunities within a theatre or related organization can be found on the local, regional, and national levels.

Successful candidates have:

  • Technical training in specific performance medium
  • Performance and audition experience
  • Patience, persistence, and flexibility
  • Personal branding skills
  • Portfolio of work
  • Professional headshots
  • Knowledge of performance industry and current trends
  • Networking and relationship development skills

Hiring cycle:

  • Internship cycle - applications typically come out in winter season
  • Job cycle - on-demand, heavy auditioning in the spring



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