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Alumni Connections

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Alissa M. Amidon 1993

Location: Columbus, OH
Major: History/Political Science
Company: L Brands
Title: AVP - International Real Estate

What are your daily tasks and how do you support your organization?

I travel all over the world working with our franchise partners to identify, negotiate and secure new store locations for our category dominant brands, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

Why did you choose this industry/profession?

It chose me.  I have always loved retail and travel.  I was fortunate enough to turn my hobbies into a lucrative and interesting career.

Do you have any advice or insights for students who want to follow a similar path?

1.) Be curious.  2.) Be a good listener 3.) Pick a career that fits with the lifestyle that you want to have.  Choose something that you find interesting and that you are passionate about.  It makes the day-to-day job be a more interesting career.