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Alumni Connections

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Matt Bayley 2010

Company: Acumen LLC
Title: Lead Data Systems Programmer

What prompted you to pursue your current field?

I was looking for a career where I could tackle large technical problems and have a positive impact on the world around me.

How did the University of Rochester prepare you for your occupation?

Being around so many smart, motivated people encouraged me to find something challenging that I was passionate about rather than just a job I could tolerate. The math department also helped foster this sense of curiosity and wonder as well.

Do you have any specific advice for current Rochester students?

I'd really recommend that anyone in a STEM major take a few courses from the computer science department. A little bit of programming experience opens up so many doors in every field. Beyond that just try to follow whatever really piques your interest. Your own curiosity and engagement in whatever you're studying or working on is a valuable resource.