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Alumni Connections

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Ian Christopher 2010

Major: Computer Science
Company: Qventus, Inc.
Title: Founder

Qventus is a real-time decision making platform for hospital operations based in Silicon Valley. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create solutions that help leading public, academic and community hospitals across the United States. The company was recognized by the 2016 Fierce Innovations Awards in Healthcare and by Healthcare Informatics as a 2017 Innovator Award winner.

Why did you choose this industry/profession?

Life can change pretty quick when the health of those close you changes, as it did eight years ago when my grandparents got in a car accident. In the course of about three minutes, life took a quick departure from normalcy to an emergency situation where an entire family was trying to figure out what happened and travel plans. The unexpected nature and swift departure two part of this experience really stuck with me and more broadly it gave me a strong appreciation for those in our healthcare system who take care patients. Much of my work since has been focused on helping those folks in the healthcare system give great care to patients.

How did Rochester help prepare you for this?

Rochester was the start of my professional career. It gave me a chance to explore many different areas of interest and let me find my ultimate passions in engineering and mathematics. It also gave me the chance to opportunity to intern at a number of different places around the country which was a key piece of figuring out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Really can't say enough about it.

Do you have any advice or insights for students who want to follow a similar path?

Take the leap and start learning as quickly as possible.