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Fulei Peng 201 7

Location: Accepted Medical School Student to Kansas City University
Major: Chemistry

What on and off campus activities did you participate in?

International theater program, various dance and movement activities, academic research in the department including summer REU and senior research, Friends of Strong volunteer program, Chinese Student Association, Undergraduate Chemistry Council, University of Rochester Gospel Choir, University of Rochester Men's Glee Club.

What did you do after graduating from the University of Rochester?

Attending medical school.

What are you doing currently?

Preparing to attend medical school.

Anything else you think students would want to know?

I want students to know that it's crucial to find what they love to do and what they hate to do. If they can't do what they truly love, at least avoid doing what they dislike. For those who want to become health professionals: you must know that you will face countless challenges and have to fully devote yourself so you may fulfill such tremendous commitment. Work in the healthcare field is not for everyone so if some of you realize that you don't have what it takes to be in the field, please be proud because now you can move on to something else that will benefit you and other people.