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Alumni Connections

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Ralph Posner 1992

Company: Direct Impact
Title: Executive Vice President

What prompted you to pursue your current field?

I started my career working on Capitol Hill. After six years working in the House and Senate, I remained interested in politics, but decided to shift to the private sector. Now I'm working in public relations and grassroots advocacy, helping clients advance their public policy positions in Washington and state capitols.

How did the University of Rochester prepare you for your occupation?

I was a political science major and took several courses that spurred my interest in public policy. In my junior year at UR, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Brussels, interning in European Parliament. That internship really motivated me to move to Washington and work on Capitol Hill.

Do you have any specific advice for current Rochester students?

If you can, study abroad. It really helped me figure out the career I wanted to pursue.