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Alumni Connections

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Rainie Spiva 2012

Company: Starbucks
Title: Intelligence Analyst

What prompted you to pursue your current field?

My passion for adventure prompted me to pursue my field of international affairs. Since childhood I've dreamt of traveling the world and visiting places that I read about or saw on tv. When UofR sent me a brochure about its recently founded international relations major during my senior year of high school- I knew that was the major for me.

How did the University of Rochester prepare you for your occupation?

University of Rochester equipped me with the foundation, principles, and theories of international affairs in a broad sense. My foci became more granular in graduate school.

Do you have any specific advice for current Rochester students?

Yes, if there's a field that you are interested in or have questions about please reach out to an alum in that field. It's always a pleasure to interact with current students and it's always great to see others from UofR excel. Leverage your resources such as the Career Center, LinkedIn, your department, etc. and connect.