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Sarah Teitelman 2016

Location: New York, NY
Major: Double Major in English and International Relations, Minors in Film and Media Studies
Company: Edelman

What are your daily tasks and how do you support your organization?

My daily tasks consist of strategic planning decks for clients, coming up with internal communications plans, media monitoring, research and other support as necessary.

What do you consider the most essential skills for this career?

I think one of the most essential skills to PR is being organized and being on top of your schedule. Deadlines can change and move around a lot, so being on top of your work and getting things done is the most important. Also, paying extra attention to detail is key!

What advice do you have for students preparing to enter the workforce?

My number one piece of advice would be to get as much exposure to the industry as possible and spending your summers participating in internships! The more internships you have the better--you can only learn so much in the classroom so getting hands on experience is very important. Also--utilizing your network and making new connections is also very important. Having a foot in the door in the PR industry is important and definitely connecting with others on LinkedIn can be very helpful.