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Alumni Connections

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Theresa Xu 2018

Major: Financial Economics and Computer Science
Company: Ernst & Young (EY)
Title: Business Advisory Program Intern

How did you find out about this opportunity?

The career center held the career fair in the fall semester and I had the opportunity to speak with some employees about their experiences and I realized how much it aligned to what I wanted out of an internship. I also attended a few other events held on campus throughout the week including an EY Women's panel which gave me more exposure to a consultant's life at EY.

Describe your responsibilities and typical day:

I'm currently involved in an anti-money laundering case for a bank and I get to work on the client site to revamp their policies and procedures in accordance to the US laws. A large part of what I do is create decks and training materials that our client will be using to establish their new training program for their employees. I've also gotten the opportunity to create content about operational risk, which will be distributed at client meetings.

Do you have any advice or insights for students who want to intern?

Take advantage of the career center and make sure to network with alumni. I found it useful to contact alumni and talk to them about what they do for their job to get a better idea of what jobs would interest and fit me. The career center also provides guidance on this and is a great resource to practice your interview skills.