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Career exploration is about getting to know yourself (examining your skills, interests, values, personality) and discovering your potential by researching possible industries and professions to see what fits for you, together with building career competencies by trying things out and connecting with others to make informed decisions about your career. Below are a variety of resources to help you explore!


Know Yourself Resources and Career Assessments

Identify interests, skills, values, and personality preferences. Integrate these into academic and career planning, goal setting, and decision-making.

  • Sokanu: Take personality assessments to become more familiar with your skills, interests and values. This tool generates career interest "matches" based on your personality and offers in-depth information on hundreds of current professions like average salaries, occupational outlooks and more!
  • Life Values Inventory: Want to reflect on what’s most important to you in your life? This tool will give you insights about your life values to aid in better decision-making.
  • Pymetrics: Do you like to play games? Based on neuroscience, this interactive assessment provides insight into your unique cognitive and emotional traits and details information on careers in which these traits could lead to success.
  • O*Net Interest Profiler: Answer questions about your interests and results will link to extensive information on over 900 occupations.


Discover Your Potential Resources

Research academic options, career industries, and job responsibilities and synthesize career information. Prioritize career options and develop plans to achieve them.

What can I do with this major? – This resource can be particularly helpful when you are choosing a major or when you are looking for career fields/job titles that are related to your major.

University of Rochester Specific Resources:

  • Review the list of academic majors at the University of Rochester. Many departments provide detailed information and feature career options on their specific websites. Check out the advising section of department websites for people to connect with and for specific questions on transfer credit and officially declaring a major. The authorized signature list provides the contact information of faculty and administrators who are able to sign off on your major and answer many questions.
  • Talk to the Peer Advisers—undergraduate students who are trained to give you insight into the Rochester curriculum and chat with you about their experiences within particular majors. Read their bios and email them to connect anytime!
  • Think about what skills or competencies you would like to develop through your coursework, whether within or outside you major and through the clusters and/or minor(s) you choose.

Resources for Researching Industries and Professions:

  • LinkedIn—Explore career paths others have taken within certain industries, majors, specific organizations, etc., by reading people’s profiles. You can take it a step further by reaching out particular individuals for an informational interview.
  • University of Rochester Career Outcomes Dashboard—This tool provides information on where recently graduated students have gone. You can sort by particular majors, industry areas, and more.
  •—Included on the site is the complete Vault Guide Library, including all Vault Guide books, numerous occupational profiles, and thousands of company snapshots. Access through Handshake (once logged in, click on the resources tab).
  • Career Cornerstone—This comprehensive resource is packed with information about careers in science, mathematics, engineering, computer science, and healthcare.
  •—This website describes the importance of mathematics and many rewarding career opportunities available to students who study mathematics.
  • Handshake - platform for students to identify career options

Enroll in courses at UR that can help you explore:

CAS 104: Career Exploration for First-Year Students/Career Exploration for Sophomores
This course is designed to assist students in developing the decision-making skills necessary to successfully navigate career choice and its challenges in a complex global economy. Hands on activities help you explore, research, and plan your next steps. Check out CDCS for more information and current course offerings.

WRT 27X: Offered through the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program, the WRT 27X series is designed for students in certain majors to explore professionalism, career identity, and how to communicate these to others.

See CDCS for the full course description and offerings by term/semester.

Suggested readings to help you explore further

  • Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
  • You Majored in What?, Katharine Brooks
  • Roadmap, Roadtrip Nation