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Law, Policy & Social Good

Policy, Advocacy & Lobbying

Positions in these fields may involve influencing or writing policy, on either a domestic or international level. Opportunities are available in the private sector (i.e. government relations offices, lobbying, or political consulting firms) or within government, politics or non-profit organizations. Many think tanks and research centers are also involved in conducting research and presenting information on policies, or current issues that may impact policy.

Non-profits may include those organizations who serve as advocates or lobbyists for a certain population segment, or cause. Advocacy work champions a cause or policy. Lobbying is a form of advocacy but focuses more on influencing the decision made in government. 

General Desired Skills:

  • Communication
  • Analytical
  • Research
  • Language (in some cases)
  • Writing
  • Subject matter expertise (in some cases)

Sample Job Titles:

Sample Employers:

  • Global Health Corps
  • Clean Water Action
  • Capitol Group, LLC
  • Department of Energy and Environment
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Capitol Group, LLC
  • Burson-Marsteller
  • Edelman

Job/Internship Search and General Resources:

Application Timeline:

For current students and new graduates—The Pathways Program is an entry point into the federal government. Many federal internships will open their applications approximately six months before the start date.  For information on the application process for internships see US Office of Personnel Management internship page. For full time positions see the Office of Personnel Management recent graduates page.

Non-government positions—The process for summer internships and full-time opportunities takes place in the fall semester. Many applications for fellowships, internships, and volunteer positions are due in January. Other full-time opportunities are filled as needed on a continuous basis.

Graduate Program Resources:

Graduate School Application Timeline:

Professional Associations: