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Career community focused on serving the public interest, analyzing and setting policy, and ensuring fundamental rights are upheld at the local, state, national and international level. Opportunities may include serving students and the community through education and advocacy at think tanks, nonprofit, governmental and educational institutions.

Use the sub-communities to: explore careers and gather career information; explore internships and jobs; research graduate school options; gain tips, advice and information from other students and alumni; learn about employers; get involved with campus organizations; and increase your network through professional associations.

Law, Intelligence & National Security

Practice law, conduct investigations, enforce laws

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Policy, Advocacy & Lobbying

Set or analyze policies, or influence local, national and international policies

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Social Good, Public Service & Education

Serve the public good through a career in non-profit, government, politics, diplomacy, international relations and development, or education

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General resources to get you started!

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    For more information about this community, please contact:

    Tonya Dickerson, Career Advisor

    Tyson Tate, Employer Connections Program Director