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Engineering, Technology, Data and Physical Science

Computer code

This community focuses on careers utilizing technology, research, data analysis, and programming to inform decisions, solve complex problems, and drive innovation at established corporations, start-up firms, and government/nonprofit organizations.


Engineers are creative problem solvers in a variety of industries who apply scientific knowledge to innovation, design, and implementation of new technologies and systems.

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Data Science & Technology

Individuals in these fields are inventors, designers, and problem solvers who use computer software, hardware, and “big data” to develop solutions in virtually every field.

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Physical Science

Professionals in physical science fields can be experimentalists or theorists, or some combination of both. They are both problem solvers and problem creators in a variety of research settings.

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Additional Careers

The knowledge and fundamental skills gained through studies in engineering and science can easily transfer into many other professions.

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For questions or more information about this community contact Ellen Cole, Senior Career Advisor, Laura Jones, Senior Career Advisor, or Neal Burns, Program Director, Employer Connections.