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Recruiting Timelines

Employers recruit and hire according to specific cycles that vary by employer and opportunity type. By understanding and adapting your job or internship search strategy to the industry’s recruiting timeline, you are putting yourself in the best position to secure a full-time or summer position.

The graphic below details when employers of differing types and sizes hire throughout the year. The darker areas indicate a higher level of recruiting activity, which is when you can expect most applications to open and close.

recruiting timelines chart


  • Large companies: 1000+ employees, public or private
  • Small companies and start-ups: Fewer than 250 employees, public or private
  • Mid-size companies: May hire on either timeline, depending on the employer
  • REUs: Research Experiences for Undergraduates, competitive opportunities for summer research, mainly in academia, funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Government agencies: Federal, state and local