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About Us

Who We Are

Who we areThe Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections is committed to developing a culture where organizations and talent are brought together to transform the community. Our advisors are here to assist students in achieving their individual career goals while providing them with the resources and tools they need to develop connections between their aspirations, academic pursuits and co-curricular experiences.

Our Mission

The Greene Center enhances individual career readiness, connects organizations and talent, and transforms our communities through education and collaboration.

Our Vision

A culture of career connectedness.

Our Values

  • Respect: We are dedicated professionals who treat others with integrity, while valuing autonomy within the work and services we provide.
  • Collaboration: We work with diverse community members to create strategic partnerships in order to enhance and share our values and goals.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We value, appreciate, and recognize that each individual is unique and adapt our career strategies to the ever-changing needs of our diverse student populations.
  • Betterment: We value personal and professional development for our team, community, and stakeholders by continuously seeking to enhance our knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Purpose: We pursue this work to support our students in order to enhance their future goals, effectiveness, and success.

About Gwen M. Greene '65

Gwen M. Greene“Thanks to incredible support from the University of Rochester, I was able to have the best college experience imaginable. Since my graduation, it has been my dream and goal to give back to the University. I credit this institution with everything good that has happened in my life.” – Gwen M. Greene ’65.

For more than 20 years, Gwen Greene has been a passionate and loyal supporter of the University, serving on the Board of Trustees, generously providing scholarships and internships, and personally mentoring those whose lives she touches.

Through her extraordinary generosity, the University is enhancing its career service offerings which includes career education and networking opportunities for students and alumni. In 2011, the University named the Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections in recognition of her leadership and support.