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Job Offer Policy

job offers

The Greene Center promotes an equitable and fair recruiting experience on behalf of our employers and students. In keeping with industry and NACE best practices, we ask that candidates be given a minimum of two weeks, but preferably three weeks, to make an informed decision about their Fall or Spring full-time offers.

When extending an offer at the end of a student’s summer program or internship, we recommend that employers give students an extended deadline so that students will have sufficient time to explore their options in order to make an informed decision. This may mean extending the deadline to October. Ultimately, we want you to obtain the best candidates and while ensuring our students have the best opportunities possible.

For additional information, please refer to the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Guidelines

Reporting Offers

When a University of Rochester student accepts an internship or full-time offer of employment we ask that you notify the Greene Center. This helps to ensure that we have accurate information regarding job offers, acceptances, and salaries related to our students. Please email this information to Megan Vargulick, Director of Employer and Alumni Connections.