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Disability Resources

The Office of Disability Resources works to ensure that people with all kinds of disabilities have equal access and equal opportunity to fully participate in the University experience. They offer academic adjustments and assists students requiring residential accommodations.

To register with their office, seek accommodations, or to contact their staff, please visit their website.

Employment Needs for Students with Disabilities

Understanding if, how and when to disclose your disability to an employer as well as asking for workplace accommodations can be scary and confusing. However, there are some great sources online to help with navigating this process, including:

Department of Labor

Job Accommodations Network (JAN)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

  • Information on: reasonable accommodations, discussing disability with an employer, questions that cannot be asked by an employer, and being "qualified"

Our career advisors are more than happy to help you work through an approach to these topics - please feel free to set up an appointment through Handshake!

How to Find Employers

There are several resources online for identifying employers seeking people with disabilities for various positions.

Greene Center Services and Accommodations

At the Greene Center, we strive for creating the best user-experience for everyone interacting with our office and services. There are several ways that we go about this:

  • More than one way for interacting with a career advisor: in-person appointments and collaboration hours, phone/Skype/Zoom appointments, and on-campus programming and events
  • Ever-evolving waiting room and collaboration spaces: over the past three years, we have made several improvements to our physical space that allow for more access and utilization for students to use for their own needs, and we are never fully done!
  • Online appointment scheduling: through Handshake, undergraduate students can login and create their own appointments with an advisor of their choosing for their specific needs without ever having to interact with a staff member to complete this process
  • Hall talks, Resume Drive-Thrus, and other college-wide programming: on any given month, you are sure to find at least one of our career advisors or peer career advisors in a Residence Hall, at Wilson Commons, in one of the libraries, or in an academic department
  • Our growing website, including the new George AI Virtual Assistant!

We realize that every student is unique and thus may have specific needs that have not been addressed yet. Thus, at any time if you are seeking disability-related accommodations for any of our services, programs or offerings or have any questions, please contact David Cota-Buckhout.

Not sure how to access our office while on campus?

Our office is located on the 4th floor of Dewey Hall. You can enter from the ground floor (there is a handicap entrance next to Dewey Lot), from the 2nd floor of the Eastman quad (there is a ramp to this entrance), or from the tunnel system. Take either the elevator or stairs to the fourth floor, then proceed left around the bend and go through the double-doors to enter our space. There is an all-access bathroom as well as a drinking fountain available, and anyone can use our coat-rack or cubby system while utilizing our space. All of our offices are wheelchair accessible.